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Do You Feel Guilty When You Don’t Work?

One of the most difficult aspects of conditioning is the idea of time/scheduling: We are so conditioned to equate life to a schedule that we get blasted with massive and…
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Why You Don’t Need To Be Strong

What is strength? A lot of us had to be strong simply because there was no-one there to support or protect us. We had to be strong because being vulnerable…
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How To Spot Narcissistic Or Codependent Traits In Your Relationships

The only safe relationships are the ones where the other person does not see your needs antagonistically. If they do view your needs antagonistically, it means that they’re trapped in…
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Boys Don’t Need Tough Love

THE male wound is…”tough love”: “I love you, therefore, I withdraw from you, so that you become a man.” “I love you, therefore I test you, so that you prove…
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Women, Your Power Is Not In Your Sexuality!

Yes, sexual energy is powerful (both men’s and women’s, it’s our life force after all!), but sexuality is not power over someone else. Sexual power is simply the energy of…
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