Why You Don’t Need To Be Strong

What is strength?

A lot of us had to be strong simply because there was no-one there to support or protect us.

We had to be strong because being vulnerable caused us to feel humiliated, to be called weak. We experienced people enjoying looking down on us.

So we rose up. We’d never be “weak”, we’d be strong!

But it is…unfair. You don’t need to be ‚Äústrong”, you should have access to support and assistance.

People can be there for you, they can hold you in all of your pain, they can stay where others have gone.

And because you are strong, do not feel you need to keep giving your strength to others because “they need it more than you do”.

Your strength is for you, it is not a debt to assist others.

Others may be inspired by it, but they also may resent you for it simply because they don’t yet know their own strength. So, let them learn that in their own time.

Do not buy their sympathy by offering your strength to them.

Many will lean on your strength as a way of avoiding knowing their own.

Learn how to empower them by not diminishing yourself. Allow them to take it or leave it as they please.

Don’t let others shame you into being used for your strength.

They will grow without you (and in some cases only without you!).

And always remember that your strength is perfectly compatible with your sweet vulnerability and that you absolutely do not have to be strong for anyone anymore.