Emotional Diagnosis Sessions

Emotional Diagnosis is a process in which Eirini uses her empathic abilities, emotional-decoding expertise and claircognizance to tap into the client’s emotions and higher truths on any chosen issue.

She then communicates/translates the client's patterns and truths back to them, so as to provide them with a clearer perception of their given situation and occasionaly offer guidance when appropriate, as suggested by the client's own current state.

Please note that this is a very specific service with the purpose of identifying the root of any personal problem, clarifying its essence, understanding it in depth, and surfacing any possible missing pieces to its puzzle, so that the client's truth on the subject may be fully unlocked. This is stricly NOT a traditional therapy session based on listening.

Sessions are done via Facebook Video Call or Skype. You may select your desired session below (prices listed are in US$):


30 mins/$30

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120 mins/$120

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