Emotional Diagnosis Sessions

Emotional Diagnosis is a process in which Eirini uses her empathic abilities, emotional-decoding expertise and claircognizance to tap into the client’s emotions and higher truths on any chosen issue.

She then communicates/translates the client's patterns and truths back to them, so as to provide them with a clearer perception of their given situation and occasionaly offer guidance when appropriate, as suggested by the client's own current state.

Please note that this is a very specific service with the purpose of identifying the root of any personal problem, clarifying its essence, understanding it in depth, and surfacing any possible missing pieces to its puzzle, so that the client's truth on the subject may be fully unlocked. This is stricly NOT a traditional therapy session based on listening.

Sessions are done via Facebook Audio Call, Skype or in person. Currently, Eirini is located in Athens, Greece. To book please contact us.

Inner Resonance Sessions

Connect to Your own Sound and Truth, experience Your Self and ground Your True Power.

All sound has an effect on our lives. More than anything, the sound we ourselves create is the most potent one for the formation of who we are.

How much energy is unknowingly scattered away? How much energy goes stagnant or creates difficulties because we are not aware of our own power?

This wildly beautiful healing system is a creation based on a deep connection with and love of sound and my soul’s unrelenting yearning to finally find true and liberating expression beyond confining definition.

Inner Resonance provides a safe and infinitely open space for people to reach deeply into their Inner Selves. This sound already exists inside us. And so it isn’t something that we need to think about or put into form. There are no boundaries to fit into. It simply wants to be accepted, released, unleashed and witnessed.

In this simple act of allowing our real sound to come out, we illuminate our lives profoundly. When we vibrate with that Inner Resonance, life becomes colourful, meaningful and wondrous and as if by magic, we find ourselves living from that priceless foundation of self-love and effortless self-acceptance.

This is what Inner Resonance is for. Because every pain and every uncertainty stems from some kind of dissonance with the self, where we have either forgotten or not yet realised the undeniable strength and wholeness of ourselves, unknowingly dampening our growth and happiness. Inner Resonance is a space of recovering the personal truth of each being, acknowledging its own voice.

When we are aligned with our truth, our sound flows out as if supported by a shimmering force that won’t be allied to anything less than Truth. The whole collective of humanity and the world support it because it needs to be created. Inner Resonance ultimately is reunion with the Divine within.

Inner Resonance sessions are only done in person. Currently, Eirini is located in Athens, Greece. To book please contact us.