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How To Save Yourself From Being “Too Empathic”

Part 1: Wounded Empathy If you identify as an empath, then unfortunately, this means that you have grown up in an environment which has conditioned you to take in others’…
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Why Addiction Is Not The Problem

  Addiction is not weak, bad or self-indulgent. Addiction is the result of denying ourselves pleasure. And pleasure in its natural form ignites, sustains and heals. When we seek to…
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How To Uncover And Satisfy All Of Your Emotional Needs

All of your needs need to be met. But it’s really hard to be able to figure out what you need when you’ve never gotten it. That’s why it’s absolutely…
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Do You Think That Your Love Should Be Perfect?

A function of true love is allowing for the knowledge that we do not love perfectly all the time. When somebody expects the other person in their relationship to consider…
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Why You Shouldn’t Love Everyone

The idea that we need to love everyone is faulty. We suffer from trying to co-exist with people who don’t actually love us, but we believe we are faulty in…
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