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Raw truth articles to inspire you to be true to yourself and create your most authentic life.

The “I don’t have a life” pattern

  First off, let’s start with a higher truth about this subject: there is no such thing as “having no life”. If you’re alive, you have a life. Period. And…
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True Masculinity Does Not Ask You To Follow Or Obey

  Masculinity is evolving. And through that journey, both men and women have been struggling to differentiate between the new, wanted masculine from the dysfunctional, abusive, old one. Granted, through…
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6 Myths And Tips About Healing

Myth #1: That needing healing implies there’s something wrong with you. This equates being in an “unhealed” state with something shame-worthy. Only…we’re all “unhealed”. To some degree or other, in…
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Emotional Parentification And How To Heal From It

  Ok, so first things first. Emotional parentification only happens when a parent doesn’t really want to be a parent. This may sound harsh, and to an extent, the parent…
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Why We Need To Evolve Away From “Work”

Part 1: The Work Virus I want you to imagine a world where the concept of “work” does not even need to exist. …Where what is considered healthy is to…
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