About me

Hi, I am Eirini

In anything I dedicate myself to, it is always the Truth in it that sparks me. I feel deeply passionate about empowering others and so I am committed to inspiring people towards their own Truth.

  • At 19 I traveled by myself to Australia and New Zealand for 6 months where I experienced a sense of real love and understanding for myself for the first time. I also returned to Australia at 26 and lived there for 7,5 years.
  • I am empathic, highly energy-sensitive, a channeler, intuitive, but most of all, I am an emotional navigation expert.
  • I've been channeling for over 13 years.
  • At 27, I did a 40-day water fast.
  • I have 28 years of musical studies and experience and I love singing and composing.
  • At 29 I created my own vocal healing system called “Inner Resonance”.
  • At 34 I created my own "Emotional Diagnosis" sessions which utilize my precise innate skills.
  • I was born on 26th March 1983 and I currently live in Athens, Greece.