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Women, Your Power Is Not In Your Sexuality!

Yes, sexual energy is powerful (both men’s and women’s, it’s our life force after all!), but sexuality is not power over someone else.

Sexual power is simply the energy of the self, not a weapon; to create your life, to share love, to heal the world. And men’s sexual energy is the same.

So women do not hold any power over men because of their sexuality. Let us give an end to this myth born of the objectification of the female body. Both sexes need love through sex. There is no difference in our sexual needs. (Doesn’t that make sense?!)

Look at a woman who’s not receiving sexual love.

She gradually becomes tired, dulled, stressed, hostile. It’s energetic lack. Can a woman do without? She can, but that doesn’t mean it’s natural, easy or pleasant. Exactly the way it is with men. It’s just that for men lack of sexual love shows up as energetic excess meaning they feel tension, can’t relax, become aggressive etc. so it’s more apparent.

But sexual needs are not unequal between men and women.

Society expects men to act calm all the time and has shamed them for their sexuality. They weren’t supported to consider what to do with their energy.

Τhey had to keep relieving themselves of it, quickly, quietly, unconsciously. Do you see the shaming of it all? If someone knows they have an energy of great value within their body, they do not act hastily.

Also, society hasn’t been allowing men to admit to vulnerable emotions, so in the face of lack, loss, need, they channel everything into sexual energy: “Not enough sex”, “not enough sexual variety”, “not enough sexual partners”, it can never be an emotional issue.

So we teach men to both diminish their sexuality and be ashamed of their very nature AND to run to that identity and use it as a drug when they have to deal with their emotions.

What would happen if we taught our men that their sexuality is perfection and that it’s ok to carry themselves fully in it because their emotions are WITHIN their sexual responsiveness and that they can TRUST their full sexual guidance?

Men’s sexuality is whole, it’s intelligent!

And what would happen if we also allowed our women to own their sexuality for themselves instead of seeing it through the eyes of the past as the only available leverage they can have?

So no, women do not hold sexual power, because men are not animals and women are not asexual. Equal needs. Absolutely designed so!

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The Fall Of Patriarchy Puts Men Back In Their Real Power

The fall of patriarchy is sweet. Not just for women, but surprisingly also for men – perhaps even more so for them, since their suffering’s been hidden under the cover of their “superior” societal status!

Men who do not get abused (dominated) by their fathers do not have a shaky self-concept, that sense that they need to “earn” their stripes of “manhood”, and therefore they do not end up having to also adopt dominance as their claim to worth and personal power.

Dominance is just a defence mechanism.

A defence mechanism that protects people from shame. Because they already are “infected” with that shame that they’re trying to manage through dominating others. Dominance is always a triggered state, always a response to a perceived shaming behaviour; like another man “daring” to rise above, achieve better, claim more (perceived as a challenge) or a woman who feels herself as equal and doesn’t display submission/fear of men (perceived as disrespect).

But a man’s self-worth isn’t a challenge and a woman’s fear isn’t respect.

In reality men have NOTHING to lose by escaping dominance tactics (since they subconsciously feel like impostors that have to hide their true selves from the world and never feel they actually deserve to be loved) and everything to gain (the love that comes with true connection and the actual freedom to be themselves when coming out of the shadow of abusive fathers/culture).

Masculinity is beautiful. And it is 100% not dominance. The marking difference is love. Masculinity does not violate, it champions.

Dominance is only concerned with keeping itself up on a pedestal, does not have the space to take in anything external (since it threatens its ego and it can’t tolerate it), it is isolated, extremely frightened, disconnected, unpredictable, damaging. Masculinity creates a protective embrace, compassionately listens, lovingly supports, it’s inspired, benevolent, heart-bursting, life-changing, and empowering.

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